We will help you maximise your earnings, honestly, securely, fairly and at minimum cost

Friendly personal service. Single low $1.55 per hour fee includes:
– PIPL insurance cover
– Full monthly salary processing
– Expenses reimbursement
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*Joseph May Pty Limited, trading as Prosperity Payrolls

What Makes it worthwhile?

As an individual contractor you earn a great income but miss out on many of the added benefits which come from belonging to a company:

You have some significant business expenses which you wouldn’t have if you were an employee. For instance:

  • Running an office in your home
  • Car and travel expenses
  • Internet costs
  • Computers and software
  • Phone costs

Prosperity Payrolls will reimburse you for these each month, thus reducing your taxable income.

Within 24 hours of receiving funds from your agent each month, Prosperity Payrolls will deduct your superannuation and tax obligations and deposits the balance, including your tax-free expense amounts, to your nominated bank account. Your superannuation deductions and tax payments are then paid to the appropriate authorities.
You must have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance cover. For an individual contractor these can be expensive items, but as your employer, Prosperity Payrolls covers you at no additional cost.
If required, Prosperity Payrolls can arrange a novated motor vehicle lease or a comprehensive motor vehicle usage package for you. We can also arrange a superannuation account for you if you don’t have one.
While payments are normally made monthly, they can be made weekly or fortnightly by special arrangement if your agent works on these shorter timescales.
When you join Prosperity Payrolls you become a valued member of our team. You can always call upon us for individual, personal and helpful advice to assist you achieve your goals.

The end result is that your take-home earnings increase significantly. The exact value of this increase will depend upon the level of expenses which you claim.